Sermon Notes

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Sunday 11/26/17 “The Joy Of  The Lord”
Wednesday 10/18/17 “The Two Prodigals”
Wednesday 08/02/17 “The Tongue Of The Righteous”
Sunday AM 07/16/2017 “Fear Not”
Wednesday 02/01/2017 “Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice”
Sunday 01/08/2017 AM “Redeemed From The Curse Of Poverty”
Sunday 11/20/16 AM “Loves Power”
Sunday 10/1616 AM “Wisdom From God”
Wednesday 9/21/16 “Stand Fast On God’s Word”
Sunday AM 8/07/16 “A Closer Walk”
Sunday PM 7/31/16 “Result Producing Prayer”
Wednesday 7/27/16 “Growing Up Spiritually” 
Wednesday 7/20/16 “Jesus’ Blood Speaks For The New Covenant”
Wednesday 7/06/16 “About Our Father’s Business”
Wednesday 6/29/16 “How Precious Is The Blood”
Sunday 6/26/16 AM “Be Strong Do Not Fear”
Sunday 6/19/16 AM “Father’s Day”
Sunday 6/12/16 AM “A Steadfast Heart”
Sunday 6/05/16 “The Calling Of God Without Repentance”
Sunday 5/29/16 “Six Great Hindrances To Faith”
Sunday 5/22/16 “Living Unto The Lord”
Sunday 4/24/16 “In Awe Of God”
Wednesday 4/20/16 “Action To Your Faith”
Sunday 4/17/16 PM “How Do I Know God Hears My Prayers?”
Sunday 4/17/16 AM “By Grace Through Faith”
Wednesday 4/13/16 “Walk Worthy”
Sunday 4/03/16 AM “Presence In Praise”
Sunday 3/20/16 AM “Journey To The Cross Pt. 2”
Wednesday 3/16/16 “Journey To The Cross Pt.1”
Sunday 3/13/16 AM “Watching For The Day Of The Lord”

Wednesday 3/9/16 “Be Holy”                                                                                                                                                       Sunday 3/6/16 AM “The Day Of Salvation”                                                                                                                                 Wednesday 3/2/16 “Unshakable Faith”

Sunday 2/28/16 AM “Blessing Instead Of Cursing”
Sunday 2/21/16 AM “Don’t Doubt” 
Wednesday 2/17/16 “Kingdom Power For Kingdom Purpose”
Sunday 2/14/16 PM “The Father’s Business”
Sunday 2/14/16 AM “Perfected Love”
Wednesday 2/10/16 “Faithful To Obey”
Sunday 2/7/16 PM “Salt And Light”
Sunday 2/7/16 “Honor Where Honor Is Due”
Wednesday 2/3/16  “The Purpose Of Praise”
Wednesday 1/17/16 “Hot Or Cold”
Wednesday 1/20/16  “Vital Members”
Sunday 1/17/16 PM “Faith And Duty”
Sunday 1/17/16 AM “Getting Out Of The Boat”
Sunday 11/8/15 PM “Offering Constant Prayer”
Sunday 11/8/15 AM “Who Is God To You?”
Wednesday 11/4/15 “Just As Jesus Is”
Sunday 10/4/15 PM “Prayer For Spiritual Wisdom”
Wednesday 9/30/15 “Surrender All To Him” 
Sunday 9/27/15 PM  “Four Blood Moons”
Sunday 9/27/15 AM “Why Pray?”
Sunday 8/30/15 AM “Unstoppable Faith” 
Wednesday 8/26/15 “Signs Of The End Times”
Sunday 8/16/15 AM “What Have I Been Saying?
Wednesday 8/12/15 “Growing Up Spiritually” 
Wednesday 8/5/15 “Run Your Race”
Sunday 8/2/15 PM  “Pray, Knowing That God Hears You” Pastor Carl Sikes
Sunday 8/2/15 AM  “Prepare Ye The Way” Pastor Carl Sikes